"Art is violent. To be decisive is violent. ...To place a chair at a partial angle on the stage destroys every other possible choice, every other option." -Anne Bogart, A Director Prepares

As a multi-faceted artist who experiments with several different mediums, Victoria uses different art-forms to address and answer the questions: How do we confront a controversial history of which we are a product? How do we carve a space to exist in such an unwelcoming world? Where does faith and beauty exist?

Additionally, Victoria’s artistic core is connected to addressing her dynamic relationship between the way she looks and being Puerto Rican. She does this by confronting a controversial & contradictory history that exists within her and of which she is a product. By existing within multiple identities, Victoria has the opportunity to use her place of privilege to lease between multiple communities, connect with others, and function as an advocate for those in need.

All of Victoria’s works are articulated by religious symbolism/spirituality, color, and magical elements. The use of color allows for a very ethereal quality to exist across the mediums she chooses to use. It has a transformative aspect which shifts the context and mood of the piece by reclaiming a space and humanizing those who exist within it. Religious symbolism also holds a large place in Victoria’s work, especially with its relationship to colonialism. This relationship is vastly layered, especially in the Latinx community, which allows her to tap into and experiment with the several layers and depths of spirituality that exist on different planes.

Deeply influenced by Bertolt Brecht, Suzan-Lori Parks, and more, Victoria’s work is inherently based on the idea that the political is personal, and the personal is political. In every piece, she inspires her collaborators to reflect the world they see and the world they want to see by creating a platform for stories too often neglected.